take at home functional health tests - accurately identify the hidden causes of your symptoms and reveal underlying functional imbalances with these simple saliva, urine, stool, or blood spot at home functional health tests that are the first step to restore optimal physical functioning to your body.

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Mary Ann Copson, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners; Certified Licensed Nutritionist focusing on Functional Nutritional Medicine and Functional Health Testing
Mary Ann Copson

Certified Licensed Nutritionist

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Brain Chemistry Profile Clinician

Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle Coach

Intuitive/Energy Healer

MA - Psychology & Counseling

MA - Human Development


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When the results are in, I'll get a session by phone with Mary Ann to help me interpret and integrate the results. I acknowledge that I agree to the terms of service below.

Important Notice for New York State residents

Adrenal Stress Test

The Adrenal Stress Test measures your response to stress and reveals adrenal imbalances that may be impacting your health.

Simple to order. Take the test at home.
Clear & accurate results from a medical laboratory.
Free consultation to interpret your results.
No prescription needed.

This is an in-home test that includes 4 simple, timed salivary specimens.

free health consultation to evaluate your adrenal stress functional health test results and treatment

Advantages of the Adrenal Stress Saliva Test

The test is non-invasive & can be performed wherever you are.

Saliva is collected under real life conditions. There are no stressful blood draws and no gallon sized urine containers to carry around for 24 hours.

With blood and urine testing, a number of borderline adrenal conditions are missed due to lack of sensitivity. This is not the case with this test because samples are taken across one circadian cycle and the more definitive free fraction is measured.

Four saliva samples are used for the following ten tests:

4 x Cortisol
Helps evaluate stress response

2 x Insulin
Helps investigate blood sugar control

Helps determine stress adaptation

Secretory IgA
Helps evaluate toll on immunity

17-OH Progesterone
Helps determine adrenal reserve

Gluten Antibodies
Helps identify grain intolerance

Abnormal adrenal rhythm can influence:

Conditions that may be assessed include:

Read about Adrenal Stress

How to Get the Test

Your functional test is ordered through me in my capacity as a Certified Nutritionist.

consultation sessions by phone and email to evaluate the results of your home functional health testUse our secure online shopping cart.

The test kit with full instructions will be sent to you within a few days. A small shipping and handling fee applies to orders under $200.

Collect the specimens at your convenience and send directly to the independent laboratory.

The test results are sent to me and I will forward a copy to you.

We then schedule a time to discuss the interpretations and implications of the results and possible nutritional and lifestyle treatment programs appropriate for you based on your test results.

You'll have the option of working with me further to treat your results and resolve the problems revealed in your testing. 

For questions and tests not available for order online contact me at link below.

We can use the findings in this panel to recommend customized treatment and preventive measures that may include diet and lifestyle changes, hormones, herbal supplements and vitamins.

To Your Health,
Mary Ann Copson

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Adrenal Stress Test
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