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Benefits of Functional Health Testing

Optimize your physical health and well being and provide the foundation that supports a vibrant body with boundless clean energy.

Disease and chronic degenerative conditions take years to develop.

Your body does an excellent job of sacrificing its optimal functioning to help you get by when you are taking less than the best care of yourself. For instance, the first time you miss getting the sleep you need your body lets you know about it – you will get a headache, feel tired, feel sick, or maybe just be out of sorts. But keep missing your sleep and your body stops sending out the alarm notification that this is not serving you well. Instead, your body goes into toleration mode – getting by as best as it can while striving to meet the demands you are making on it. After weeks, months, or years of this, your body’s fundamental functioning is compromised. There is a clog in the smooth functioning of your body’s normally wonderfully harmonious and synchronized functioning. You may not be noticing it, but the effects are cumulative until something obvious goes wrong.

Many every day things throw off your physical balance. Not getting enough sleep; skipping meals; dieting; not exercising; the list is pretty long. And every physical stress and imbalance chips away at your body’s optimal physical functioning.

Functional Health Tests are an intimate look into the basic fundamental functioning of your body. They are like having a crystal ball that you can use to see what’s in optimal condition and what’s not - and what you can do to return your body to the magnificent wonder it is meant to be.

Functional Heath Tests are powerful preventive tools for maintaining and recovering optimal physical well-being.

They'll set the course for health and wellness as opposed to being brought down my some unforeseen illness, disease, or degenerative condition.

Can they prevent every physical problem? Of course, not. But they are a powerful preventive tools without peer.

But as wonderful as Functional Test are in guiding your choices for physical well being and as great a value they can be for you by themselves, if you come into any of these Functional Health Tests thinking that you will take a few supplements for awhile and all of your troubles will go away – probably that is not going to work out so well.

Some of you are powerful manifesters and just the awareness that something is a bit out of whack might be enough to jumpstart you to where you want to be.

For most of us though, achieving the vibrant physical energy and strength, stamina and enthusiastic engagement with life that optimal physical functioning brings takes both inside and outside changes and both of these forces working in tandem with each other.

It is definitely true that at the most fundamental level the real healing force of all imbalances is you. You are the Creative Transformational Force in your life. If you are experiencing difficulties, health issues, and lack of vibrant energy, the basic source for all of this is that you have disconnected from your creative power to transform your life and to live the life you want in total well-being.

When working with these Functional Health Tests and follow-up treatment plans it will clearly benefit you to bring forth your awareness and your conscious deliberate choices for health and well being and infuse that power into every action you take in my programs and in using these tools.

Every program and tool we use for healing at Evenstar is simply a bridge to help you restore your connection to your own ability to create what you want in your life, in your health, and in your well-being. We work both from the inside out and from the outside in.

And together that combination will improve your energy, longevity, and performance in the world as well as your individual experience of well-being.

Available Tests

Not sure which test is the best choice you? How to Choose.

Who Can Benefit?

The Functional Health Tests and Treatment Plans will bring the most benefit to:

• Those who have tried other programs and approaches and failed

• Those who have unexplained physical difficulties

• Those who have seen many practitioners and still feel bad

• Those who have tried many remedies and still feel bad

• Those who want to take a proactive approach to their health and well- being

• Those who don’t want to “suddenly” find themselves sick

• Those who want to do more than just manage their symptoms

• Those who want to promote long term physical health and well being

• Those who want to “Die young as late in life as possible”

• Those who refuse to accept a life of physical malady

• Those who believe that the body has amazing curative powers

• Those who believe that health and healing are more than a matter of drugs and surgery

• Those who believe that that “it is foolish to deny your biology”

• Those who have great respect for and honor the body’s rhythms, routines and functioning

• Those who want to experience optimal health and go beyond being just “not sick”

• Those who do not wish to rely only on pharmacological medications to improve their physical health in mild to moderate conditions

man and dogThose who want to complement conventional medicine with functional balance

• Those who want to be able to be fully engaged in life

• Those who can embrace the use of multiple remedies

• Those who feel comfortable with using supplements and herbs to support optimal body health and wellness

• Those who can embrace healthy lifestyle changes

• Those who believe that their health, wellness, and well being have great priority in their life

• Those who are willing to live a healthy lifestyle

• Those who have experienced success in other programs but who could not maintain long term results

• Those who understand that the body operates as a whole and what happens in one system or organ of the body is connected to many other interrelated systems and functions. To heal the one, you must heal the whole.

• Those who accept personal responsibility for their lives and their health and well being

• Those who are confident enough to be able to suspend their doubt and disbelief enough to try a new approach

• Those who are confident enough to be able to balance directing their own course, while still listening to and implementing new approaches and recommendations from others

• Those who appreciate the integral connections of life, and their physical, emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual natures

• Those who believe that they have the ability through their conscious deliberate choices, thoughts, feelings, actions, and energetic vibration to direct the course of their life and their well being

• Those who have a sense of themselves as possessing something beyond the circumstances of their lives

Functional Health tests and Treatment Plans will not yield the best results for:

• Those who have a diagnosed mental health or psychiatric condition that is not controlled by appropriate and necessary medical means

• Those who are currently in dire/crisis physical circumstances such as the aftermath of a natural disaster, recent homelessness, recent traumatic situation

• Those who believe that only physical factors affect their physical health and well-being

• Those who do not believe that they can affect circumstances and situations that are negatively affecting their physical health and well-being

• Those who believe that their material success is more important than their physical health and well being.

• Those who believe that physical health and well being are in competition with material success

• Those who believe that their genetic history is the main determinant of their physical health

• Those who believe that nutrition, lifestyle, and social connections do not impact their physical health

• Those who are only looking for a diagnosis of illness or disease

• Those who believe that if they are not sick then they are well

• Those who are not willing to let go of just being “OK” in order to thrive and be in optimal physical health

coupleThose who are not willing to do the internal work needed to reconnect to themselves as the deliberate creative force in their life

• Those who believe that they are victims of their circumstances and are not willing to do the work needed to reconnect to their personal responsibility

• Those who choose not to give up their story of suffering, struggling and difficulty - and write a new life story of personal empowerment

• Those who may think they want to change but are not yet ready for change

• Those who believe that the power for transformation lies exclusively outside of themselves

• Those for whom paying the cost of the work would result in a financial hardship

Through optimizing the fundamental functional health in your body and reconnecting with your self as the creative transformational force in your life you can thrive with boundless natural energy.

Available Tests

Not sure which test is the best choice you? How to Choose.