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How to Choose

Not sure which Functional Health Test is most appropriate for you?

It can be confusing.

Be confident that you have the best test for your needs with these options:

Email me with your concerns and I will recommend a few options with benefit and price variability.

Check the Metametrix Condition and Nuitrient Assessment Tables. Match your condition and nutrient concerns to Metametrix tests. All Metametrix tests are available through us but not all are available for online purchase. If you don't see the test you want available for online purchase, contact me for pricing and how to order.

Schedule an appointment. Want to talk with me about your personal situation and needs? To schedule an appointment for a telephone consultation - email me.

Start with a Personal Functional Health Assessment and we will go into depth about what is happening with your health and wellness. We will review key points in your lifestyle, nutrition, personal foundations, and other health and wellness choices that may be affecting your well-being. And I will outline for you key steps to consider taking to bring your health, wellness, and well-being back into balance. Likely, some Functional Health Testing will be part of the plan. You will have multiple options to consider and we will have formulated a strategy for what to look at first and how best to move forward. Read more.