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Mary Ann Copson

Herbalist, Nutritionist, Healer, Intuitive, Health and Wellness and Life Coach, Educator, Author

Mary Ann Copson, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners; Certified Licensed Nutritionist focusing on Functional Nutritional Medicine and Functional Health Testing

Functional Health Nutritional Medicine is the medicine of the 21st century. It holds the unique promise and perspective of being able to restore optimal functional physiological balance and functioning in the body rather than simply covering up symptoms.

Your body is designed to access its own self-healing capacities and when you restore optimal functioning to the body- it will access those self-healing aspects.

Because Functional Health Testing does not seek to diagnose any medical illness or condition my comprehensive wellness background uniquely positions me to assess your wellness needs and design effective Wellness Nutritional Programs based on Functional Health Test results. Instead of focusing only on drugs and medication that merely interrupt and cover up your symptoms, I can design for you an Optimal Nutritional Wellness Program that leverages the use of lifestyle, diet, herbs, supplements and other natural means for correcting imbalances found in your Functional Health Tests.

Throughout the years I have taken on many forms as a healer – midwife, herbalist, nutritionist, life coach, brain chemistry profiler, bodyworker, etc – and been trained in many forms of healing. I have been a healer of various sorts for about 35 years now.

In 1987 I started my own herbal company Evenstar Herbs and began doing Wellness and Herbal programs and teaching herbal classes including a Family Practitioner Series training people to use herbs for their own and their family’s well-being.

At the same time, I began my own private practice as a traditional lay midwife doing home births for about 10 years. For some years before opening my midwifery practice I was a Lactation Consultant, La Leche Leader, Labor Support Doula, and I taught Childbirth Education classes.

Although the form and structure has changed over time my private practice still focuses on Natural Wellness programs for people. I have designed Wellness, Well-being, Nutritional and Herbal Programs for thousands of private clients and taught hundreds of students. Over the years I have done more than 10,000 Wellness Nutritional and Herbal programs.

In my current private practice, I am a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and a Certified Licensed Nutritionist focusing on Functional Nutritional Medicine and Functional Health Testing. I received my training as a Certified Licensed Nutritionist from American Health Sciences University and the National Institute of Nutritional Education.

As part of my recertification each year I have taken in-depth training in several wellness areas including:

My training in Nutritional Wellness is complemented by adjunct certification in several Wellness modalities including:

One of my Functional Medicine Specialties is working with the Biochemistry, NeuroScience, and Functional Physiology correlates of Mood Disorders.

I am a Level II Verified Biochemical Profile Clinician with the Robertson Research Institute and specialize in herbal, nutritional, lifestyle, and personal development programs for Mood and Energy imbalances such as depression and anxiety.

Besides my Wellness training I also have a strong educational back ground.

I have just begun a Ph.D. program in Organic Psychology/Applied Ecological Psychology, focusing on regenerative eco psychology work that helps people live and think in balance with Nature’s natural systems and leverage the power of Nature Centered Healing.

However, often knowing what to do is not enough and as your Health and Wellness Coach I have the background, experience, and knowledge to help you comply with and implement a Functional Health Nutritional Wellness program.

I don’t just call myself a Coach (as is so stylish these days). I am a graduate of CoachU’s three year Life Coaching program and also the Simply Effective Coaching training. I maintain a private practice as a Health and Wellness and Personal Life Coach. Additionally, I am a licensed trainer in the following Personal Life Coaching Programs:

My passion for Functional Health Nutritional Medicine has led me to join the Foundations of Functional Diagnosis Certificate program offered by the Functional Medicine Training Center created by Dr. Dicken Weatherby. This is a unique program that offers premium training, resources, and support for Functional Medicine Practitioners. The Functional Medicine Certification program provides world class functional medicine training and it is dedicated to the continued learning, studying and practice of Functional Medicine. It is a comprehensive resource for me to be able to stay in touch with Functional Medicine’s expanding body of knowledge and new, relevant Functional Medicine approaches.

In order to stay up to date on the latest research in Functional and Integrative Medicine, I am a member of Integrative Practitioner - a leading community for practitioners of integrative medicine offering a myriad of resources for integrative healthcare professionals including opportunities for peer-to-peer collaboration and discussion.

For 10 years I have worked with the top Functional Medicine Testing Laboratories including:

These associations enable me to offer you a wide range of the very best Functional Health Testing available.

Although I do some in-person consultations, I work mostly with clients across the United States and internationally by phone and email.

My Functional Nutritional Medicine Specialties include:

My aim in working with you is to help achieve Optimal Functional Balance in your body and in so doing help you...

Discover the Wonders of Living with
an energized mind
a peaceful heart
a vibrant body
and a magical spirit.

So that you can live with the energy and vitality you want to do the things you want and live the life of your dreams.

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