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Mary Ann Copson, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners; Certified Licensed Nutritionist focusing on Functional Nutritional Medicine and Functional Health Testing
Mary Ann Copson

Certified Licensed Nutritionist

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Brain Chemistry Profile Clinician

Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle Coach

Intuitive/Energy Healer

MA - Psychology & Counseling

MA - Human Development



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The Porphyrins Profile

Revealing The Biomarkers of Toxicity in Urine

Simple to order. Take the test at home.
Clear & accurate results from a medical laboratory.
Free consultation to interpret your results.
No prescription needed.

porphyrins profile of toxic effects and functional markers of toxicity from toxic metals and organic chemicalsPorphyrins measured in urine serve as biomarkers of toxic effects on the heme biosynthetic pathway. Heme is the deep red, nonprotien, ferrous component of hemoglobin and is essential for the proper function of many proteins for oxygen transport, energy production, and detoxification. Patterns of specific porphyrin elevations in urine serve as functional markers to specific toxins, including toxic metals, such as mercury and lead.

Heavy metals impair many aspects of metabolism, while chronic exposure to organic chemicals, such as pesticides, can have deleterious effects on the body’s biochemistry and adversely affect cellular function.

free health consultation to evaluate your porphyrins biomarkers of toxicity from toxic metals and organic chemicals functional health test results and treatmentWith a simple overnight urine collection, the Porphyrins Profile measures seven porphyrins, total porphyrins, and two ratios to help identify the effects of metal toxicity. It also measures patterns of specific porphyrin evaluations which serve as functional markers of toxicity from toxic metals or organic chemicals.

Elevations of the individual porphyrin species can have a number of causes, including heredity and environmental contact. Chronic exposure to toxic metals, including lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminum, and cadmium often results in organ-specific accumulation that compromises organ physiological function.

Why evaluate Porphyrins?
Toxicity can cause these conditions...
Sources of toxicants...
Symptoms of toxicity...

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How to Get the Test

Your functional test is ordered through me in my capacity as a Certified Nutritionist.

consultation sessions by phone and email to evaluate the results of your home functional health testUse our secure online shopping cart.

The test kit with full instructions will be sent to you within a few days. A small shipping and handling fee applies to orders under $200.

Collect the specimens at your convenience and send directly to the independent laboratory.

The test results are sent to me and I will forward a copy to you.

We then schedule a time to discuss the interpretations and implications of the results and possible nutritional and lifestyle treatment programs appropriate for you based on your test results.

You'll have the option of working with me further to treat your results and resolve the problems revealed in your testing. 

For questions and tests not available for order online contact me at link below.

The main value of these tests is to enable us to more accurately and precisely implement preventive and wellness measures to increase your health and well-being and reduce your future risks of illness and degenerative conditions.

To Your Health,
Mary Ann Copson

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